Marin Marais - The Rediscovered Manuscript

Noémie Lenhof, viola da gamba

Marin Marais’s music apparently still has a few more secrets tucked away up its sleeve... Proof of this is to be found in the Panmure manuscript, which is conserved in Edinburgh and contains forty-five pieces for viola da gamba which are not to be found anywhere else. Noémie Lenhof has chosen to highlight them on her first album as a soloist. Thanks to some major reconstruction work, a number of previously-unpublished couplets from the Folies d'Espagne, a grande chaconne and a whole suite of dances are brought back to life by the young gambist’s bow.

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Marin Marais

Prelude pr la violle et le theorbe - Panmure manuscript


Marin Marais

Allemande - Panmure manuscript