Far from the beaten track and modes, the harpsichordist Catherine Zimmer likes to explore unknown territories.

After studying piano and harpsichord in Marseille, Aix-en Provence and Geneva, she decided to look into the origins of early music texts for her own conception of the performing of early music, and went in search of forgotten scores of French repertoire. This led her to manage the collection "the unpublished of the harpsichord" at the Music Society of Languedoc

She is co-founder of the ensembles Mens Sonoris and Salamandre which have performed in many festivals. Her first soloist recording devoted to lesser-known composers of the Age of Enlightenment, has been praised by critics. Holder of the French DE and CA harpsichord degrees, Catherine taught for several years at the Marseille and Beziers conservatoires and currently teaches at the Conservatoire of music “Henri Tomasi” in Corsica.